George Leno Holmes Jr, PhD
CEO | Co-Founder

George Leno Holmes Jr received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology. His academic research focused on the intersection of human-robot interaction, mechatronic design, and robotics - including the mathematical derivation, software simulation and hardware implementation of advance sensing and control algorithms. He began research on Hire Henry while working on his BS in mechanical engineering in 2015.

Academically and commercially, he has developed and managed teams of graduate and undergraduate students in building autonomous research robots in software and hardware including design of individual components, part selection, performance testing, and control algorithm implementation. He has experience in industrial automation, working with a variety of sensors and actuation products on consumer, pharmaceutical, and precious metal production lines.

As co-founder and CEO of Hire Henry, he leads the development of the company's R&D plan, strategic milestones, intellectual property protection, company formation, fundraising, and network security. Additionally, he is involved in product design, fabrication, and software integration.

Keiry "Katie" Moreno Bonnett
COO | Co-Founder

Keiry Moreno Bonnett received her BS in Mechanical Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology. She has been leading Hire Henry since she joined in 2018.

Her academic research focused on sensors, data acquisition, networking, and sensor algorithm implementation. She has led research projects designing masters and PhD experiments including data collection, hardware selection, protocol establishment, real-time data software monitoring, data processing and high precision low latency camera tracking equipment setup and calibration. She has experience developing battery technology for custom applications including robotics.

As co-founder and COO of Hire Henry, she leads the company in the implementation and testing of advance sensing and control algorithms, obstacle detection, software architecture, computer vision, power systems, and product design. Additionally, she leads compliance, financial reporting, documentation, and social communications.

Hire Henry Team

Since 2015, the Hire Henry team has been studying the commercial lawn care industry. Starting in 2018, the team was awarded the National Science Foundation ICORPS site and national grants, and traveled around the United States interviewing 300+ landscaping customer segments and partners across 7 states; in addition to infield customer observations, customer workflow studies, MVP customer testing, and generated modest revenue. The team regularly attends industry conferences, workshops, and seminars.

Since NSF ICORPS, Hire Henry has raised non dilutive funds from incubators, pitch competitions, and grants; and filed several patents. Throughout the next five years, the team will use their academic and commercial experience developing robots for custom applications, to commercialize an autonomous robotic mower named Henry.

Originally formed as an academic research team, George and Keiry have experience building practical robots in software and hardware - including networking communications, security, serial protocols, brushless DC motors, microprocessors, motor drivers, CAD software, and algorithm implementation. The Hire Henry founding team has experience with several programming languages, CNC / manual mills / lathes, 3D printers, welders, and many additional fabrication tools.